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Rescuing Wuhan, Lei Shing Hong is in action
2020/2/11 23:01:14

At the beginning of 2020, the people of the whole China started an “anti-epidemic” war without smoke of gunpowder. From Wuhan to every part of China, every early morning the change in the number of diagnosed/suspected/cured cases concern countless people. We must race against the clock to beat the epidemic!




Rescuing Wuhan, Lei Shing Hong is in action


13:30, February 2, 2020

Lei Shing Hong machinery was informed by China Construction Third Engineering Division of the urgent need of four diesel generators to power the operation of Leishenshan Hospital on February 6. The group immediately started the emergency procedure, convened the relevant companies and departments of the group to quickly integrate resources and urgently discussed the demands of Wuhan epidemic area. Ye Xiaowei, GM of Perkins power products in Engine Division immediately contacted leaders of PowerLink Power Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. They discussed the inventory of four generator sets and assembly time. PowerLink immediately set up a project team covering all aspects such as allocating, testing, packaging and shipping to ensure the goods can be delivered in time. It is guaranteed that products can arrive at Leishenshan Hospital within 24 hours!


17:00, February 2, 2020

 Shen Bin, Business Manager of Perkins division, and Zhou Wanbin, Technical Manager, drove overnight to the plant to conduct power tests and ensure the units were in safe use conditions. At the same time, Mr. Wen Xiaodian, the Chief Operating Officer of Lei Shing Hong logistics company, called an urgent meeting of the relevant departments of the logistics company to coordinate the transportation approval procedures. Despite the current epidemic situation, Mr. Yuan Guanglei dared to do the most courageous thing and drove to the Wuhan epidemic area to deliver this batch of diesel power generation equipment.



                                  Shen Bin and Zhou Wanbin were in the factory for power tests. The equipment was finally loaded and delivered to Wuhan.


9:00, February 3, 2020

Ms. Niu Liping, General Manager of the Hubei Provincial Service Center in the center area of the epidemic, immediately arranged Mr. Zhou Moufu, the Business Manager, and Mr. Wei Huan, Du Weichao, two service engineers, to cooperate and assist in Wuhan. They actively coordinated with the construction units about related matters to guarantee the smooth handover of equipment.



                                                                           The units arrived at the site, Service engineers prepared for commissioning


13:30, February 3, 2020

Donated by Lei Shing Hong Machinery, the Perkins diesel generator units of PowerLink were successfully delivered to Leishenshan Hospital, providing stable power for the hospital start-up on February 6.




Since the outbreak of epidemic, Mr. Fu Yaosheng, CEO of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Group has been very concerned about the updates of the epidemic. He asked all departments to fully support the epidemic prevention work of Hubei Province. The company has organized service teams to work in frontline providing free aftersales service and engineering support to excavators, graders and many other different types of machinery equipment working onsite day and night to fight against the epidemic together with all Chinese people.

This time within a short period of 24 hours, Lei Shing Hong Group rapidly integrated resources, mobilized all members and made a quick response. Everyone in the company did their best to support Wuhan. We believe that with one heart and one mind, we will unite like a fortress and win the war against without gunpowder as soon as possible.







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