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The most beautiful "brave sailors against the wind" of Lei Shing Hong -- fighting against the epidemic hand in hand
2020/2/9 13:35:39

In this Spring Festival, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic affected the hearts of all Chinese people. Doctors, nurses, soldiers go to the epidemic area and race against death. Staff of different positions do their duty to fight against the epidemic. This is undoubtedly a war without smoke of gunpowder. Every ordinary people are quietly making efforts and contributions in this war.

In Lei Shing Hong Group, there are also such angels. They are ordinary sales manager, technical service workers, drivers at work, but at this time they all have a common name - the most beautiful brave sailors against the wind!


Time: February 2, 2020

Weather: clear to overcast

Event: Lei Shing Hong Group decided to donate 4 Perkins generator units to Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital.


Shen Bin, Sales Manager of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Hubei Branch

Zhou Wanbin, Application& Engineering Manager of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Hubei Branch

At 17:00 on February 2, Shen Bin was busy in the kitchen of his home in Shanghai, preparing a wonderful dinner for his family. After being informed that partner of the company--PowerLink had donated 4 diesel power generator units through Lei Shing Hong, he simply ate a little food, contacted Zhou Wanbin, and then drove to the complete equipment plant of PowerLink for power test to ensure the unit are in safe use conditions.


                                                                            Shen Bin and Zhou Wanbin were in the factory testing equipment power


                                                                    Shen Bin                                                                                 Zhou Wanbin


Yuan Guanglei, driver of Lei Shing Hong logistics company

After dinner at 20:00 on February 2, the phone rang for Yuan Guanglei, who was watching TV at home with his wife. Lei Shing Hong logistics company needed to send a truck to deliver 4 sets of generator units to Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan. Wuhan is the epicenter, but Yuan Guanglei agreed to take the task of delivering products to Wuhan without hesitation after receiving the company's assignment. Although his wife is also very worried about him going to Wuhan, Yuan Guanglei felt very willing to make some contributions to Wuhan in this battle. Many thanks to the most beautiful brave sailor against the wind.


Many thanks to Mr. Yuan for sacrificing himself and bravely driving to Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan overnight. He delivered the equipment successfully. We salute you! --"The most beautiful brave sailor against wind" of Lei Shing Hong!


Zhou Moufu, Senior Manager of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Hubei Branch

Wei Huan, Du Weichao, Technician of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Hubei Branch

On February 3, the four sets of diesel generators successfully arrived at Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan. Zhou Moufu and two service engineers immediately went to Leishenshan Hospital to actively debug the generator sets with the construction unit, and finally completed the handover of the four generator sets smoothly.



                                                              Zhou Moufu                                        Du Jiangchao                                        Wei Huan

It is said that eight sides support when one party has difficulties. I believe that under the leadership of the party and in the joint efforts of all medical personnel, all enthusiastic Chinese citizens and enterprises, we will be able to win the tough war against the epidemic in the near future!

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