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Values Spreading and Self Challenging! -- The Final of the First Elite Competition of Lei Shing Hong Machinery 2019 Successfully Concluded
2020/1/8 10:09:48

Values Spreading and Self challenging!


After months of preparation and the prior online selection, the final of the first elite competition of Lei Shing Hong Machinery was held yesterday in the training room on the first floor of Kunshan headquarters. Among nearly 200 candidates, seven first-line sales elites was shortlisted for the final based on the assessments of experts from all provinces, and displayed their excellence through site demonstrations at Kunshan headquarters.


At 8:30 a.m. the finals officially began. Mr. Qu Wenbin, the Chief Operating Officer of the Machine Division, attended the final and delivered a speech before the competition. In particular, Mr. Qu noted that as the agent of Caterpillar, we should increase the market coverage and have a thorough understanding of our own product advantages and differences as well as customer’s needs to provide customers with the most valuable product and spread our values. Besides, he hoped that the competition today would generate new ideas and stimulate new thinking, and that the contestants would learn from and communicate with each other, and apply what they would learn today to their daily interaction with customers.


Before the official start of the competition, Mr. Cui Hai, the host and the Senior Manager of Market Support, introduced the agenda and rules of the competition. The contestant presentation was divided into two parts, a 20-minute PPT presentation followed by questioning by judges playing the role of customers to test the contestant’s ability to make spot response. 6 expert judges were invited to score on the spot to finally select one champion, one runner-up winner and one third place winner from the 7 contestants. Besides, the competition was broadcast live on the Internet, and a best popularity award was granted based on the votes by the public.


 The order of appearance of the contestants was decided by drawing lots, and they were requested to present an on-site introduction of the products selected by themselves. Now let's review the charm of seven contestants at the competition:




Along with the intense contest, the competition was close to the end when the clock was about to point at 12 o’clock. After the wonderful presentations of seven contestants,the staff counted the final scores.

Before the final results came out, Mr. Qu delivered another speech where he stressed the importance of building confidence, listening to customers and continuous learning (mastering tools) as salespeople and encouraged everyone to keep improving their abilities.

The final results were announced soon, and the winners are as follows: 

Third place winner: Jin Chaozhong from Anhui, who received the prize of CAT Yellow Boots from the hands of Sang Zibo (judge of the competition and Caterpillar BCP Product Manager) and Xie Jun (judge of the competition and Caterpillar GCI Product Manager).


Runner-up winner: Sha Yuxi from Hubei, who received the prize of a customized bicycle from the hands of Yao Zhenxing (judge of the competition and Caterpillar GCI Product Manager) and Fiona Zhu (General Manager of Marketing Department)


Champion: ZhouWeiwei from Jiangsu, who received the prize of a CAT smart watch from the handsof Owen Qu (Chief Operating Officer of the Machine Division)


Today's live webcast was also welcomed. The over 3 hours’ web cast were viewed 4,644 times by 2,255 users. After the final online voting, the best popularity award was won by ShaYuxi from Hubei, who accepted the prize of a wireless charger from the hands of Wang Bencai (judge and instructor of the competition) and Cao Yujun(training consultant).



The tight and intense half-day competition must have left an unforgettable memory for all participants. Besides the awards, the bigger gains for us is the passion of Lei Shing Hong Machinery employees for life and work, the lasting care for customers from salesperson and the learning and lessons obtained during competition ... In the end, Fiona Zhu, General Manager of the Marketing Department, expressed the sincere thanks to all the contestants for their careful preparation and devotion, and said that the elite sales competition would be hold every year to help more salespersons and other employees benefit from such competitions.




Values Spreading andSelf challenging! In 2020, we will keep fighting!

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