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"Powering Change" – Women in Industry Leadership Forum of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Ended Successfully
2018/11/12 16:50:45

On November 12, 2018, “Women in Industry” Leadership Forum hosted by Lei Shing Hong Machinery was held in Kunshan. With the theme of “Powering Change”, the forum aimed to promote the development of women’s leadership in Caterpillar's dealership system in China. The event won extensive support from Caterpillar and other dealers. Besides, Ms. Jin Ming, a member of the Standing Committee and the Director of the United Front Work Department of CPC Kunshan Committee, attended the forum on behalf of the government and congratulated on the successful opening of the forum.


In 2014, Caterpillar held its first annual “Women in Leadership” Conference in Peoria, officially starting the journey to develop women's leadership within Caterpillar and its global dealers. Through five years of promotion and development, the conference size and number of participants have been increased continuously. During the period, the influence of the event in China was also increased year by year. China dealers have been keeping working to promote women's leadership. As one of Caterpillar's 4 dealers in China, Lei Shing Hong Machinery initiated the first forum of women's leadership in China, inviting more than 90 guests from Caterpillar and its 4 other dealers in China Mainland and Taiwan, hoping to provide participants with motivation, inspiration and passion through the forum and driving more business women to pursue for and gain a broader space of career development.


As the representative of organizer, Mr. Lawrence Poh, CEO of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Group, delivered a welcome speech and shared with the participants the achievements made by Lei Shing Hong Machinery in promoting the development of women's leadership and their impact. Since 2016, Lei Shing Hong has followed Caterpillar to spare no effort in improving the status of female leaders and displaying the charm of female leaders . Through interviews with female leaders in different positions and reporting on the official website and micro-media, we managed to introduce unknown mental journeys of female leaders in career development to more people. These activities won widespread attention within Caterpillar and its dealers as well as the industry, and had a profound impact on female employees of Lei Shing Hong. Through this event, we hope to strengthen the mutual communication and exchange between Caterpillar and its dealers, so as to further expand thoughts, achieve diversified innovation and promote the common development with differentiations for dealers in China.


As a company rooting in Kunshan for more than 20 years, we received the concern and support from the governments of both Kunshan City and Zhoushi Town as usual on this event. Mr. Chen Jianzhong, Secretary of CPC Zhoushi Town Committee, attended the meeting and sent the congratulations on behalf of the Zhoushi government. Ms. Jin Ming, a member of the Standing Committee and the Director of the United Front Work Department, of CPC Kunshan Committee, delivered a wonderful speech, sent her sincere congratulations to the event and fully recognized the contribution of Lei Shing Hong Machinery in promoting the development of local economy.  Ms. Jin Ming also shared her personal views on women's leadership from the perspective of women and advocated that women should learn rationality from men, while men should learn the resilience from women to develop comprehensive qualities for better development. As an outstanding female leader, Ms. Jin Ming shoulders key responsibilities and missions in coordinating the healthy development of democratic parties, foreigners in China and non-public economy representatives and in promoting the development of culture, education as well as women & children’s welfare, setting an excellent example for all working ladies. Her arrival was a great encouragement for all female present.


Ms. Denise Johnson, President of Caterpillar Resources, and Mr. Raymond Chan, Vice President of Caterpillar Global Distribution & Services, expressed their sincere congratulations to the conference and presented valuable career development advices to the female participants through videos. They recognized the important tasks and contributions of women in promoting the industry development, and sent their sincere blessing. Mr. Thomas Teo, General Manager of Distribution & Services of Caterpillar Greater China and India, encouraged women to engage in innovation and thinking change from the diversified and inclusive perspectives, set great targets and work concretely and quickly to promote women's leadership to a new height with joint efforts.


The event was a great success. Lei Shing Hong is honored to be the host of this forum with the presence of so many outstanding women from different industries sharing their stories and successful experience of women's career development from different perspectives. Through preliminary research, topic setting and group discussions, all female participants got inspiration and encouragement from different angles or levels and benefited a lot from the event. The development of women's leadership is a lasting undertaking and a journey for all people which requires the active participation and enthusiasm by everyone. In the long run, it’s sincerely hoped that Caterpillar and its dealers will work together to keep fully promoting the development of women's leadership to make more female employees gain confidence, better play their unique roles to realize professional breakthroughs with more and stable performance in the career development.


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