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Caterpillar G-Series Gas Generator Set


With flexible fuel options, Caterpillar generator sets can use your abundance of gas as a fuel for custom designs of natural gas, biogas and other fuels, and work to improve efficiency, reduce life cycle costs and comply with most global emissions regulations. . The unit has customizable options for easy selection, licensing and installation. New engine technologies provide power, heat or cogeneration with power efficiency and thermal efficiency.


    Performance Characteristics


      Excellent Reliability(G-A)

         Excellent uptime and serviceability; a wide range of thermal energy; fuel flexibility and environmental adaptability.

     Balance And Adaptability (G-B)

         The G3500B series is a Cat gas generator set with a number of advanced technologies. It is highly adaptable and can handle gas with a methane value as low as 60 MN. Recently, it has achieved efficient operation of lower methane gas (such as propane); mobility - The G3516B generator set is the world's first gas generator set to achieve lean combustion and is widely used in full-mobile, containerized power stations.

      Responsiveness And Durability (G-C)

         The specially treated aftercooler core, cylinder head and rear gear train bearings are effective against biogas corrosion; due to the special control architecture, the isolated version of the C series generator set is designed to operate independently of the utility grid. Offering industry choices; special projects, Caterpillar is investing in research and development projects for the use of special fuels (such as syngas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas and ultra-low concentrations of methane coal) on the C Series platform.

     High Electrical Efficiency (G-E,G-H)

         The E and H series units increase electrical efficiency to a new level with an improved efficiency of up to 44.7% (1.OPF, ISO); E and H series units are available with tailor-made turbochargers, air systems and Controls; less than $14,000 in oil per year, with a planned overhaul interval of up to 80,000 hours to ensure long-term operation at the lowest possible cost.

    Product Parameters

    Natural Gas:


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