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    Performance Characteristics


     Cat Generators

         The Cat generator set is fully prototype tested and provides a certified torsional vibration analysis report. All units can handle 100% load in one step, meet NFPA 110 loading requirements, and meet ISO 8528-5 steady-state and transient response requirements. Classic and mature overall layout design, more beautiful and user-friendly interface. The entire equipment is designed and manufactured by Caterpillar to ensure an inertia of product testing and quality control.

     Cat Diesel Engine

         The four-stroke diesel engine combines stable performance. Excellent fuel economy, meeting or exceeding the ISO 8528-5 standard. Industry-leading engine fuel injection electronic control. Can be used in a variety of applications and can be optimized to reduce fuel consumption or reduce emissions. The engine is equipped with reliable, rugged and durable components and is field-proven in thousands of applications around the world, such as emergency standby and continuously operating power stations.

      Cat Cooling System

         The cooling system can operate at standard ambient temperatures up to 50C and is available with a higher temperature ambient heat sink. The factory-completed cooling system has been carefully designed and tested to ensure proper cooling of the generator set, including radiators, fans, belts and all guards as standard. Please contact your Cat dealer for specific environmental and altitude capabilities.

     Cat Generator

         Cat generators have been carefully designed and tested to match the overall performance and power output of a Cat engine. The generator uses a rugged Class H insulation. Industry-leading motor starting capability is available. The Random Wound generator provides good generator performance in most applications, and the Form Wound generator is suitable for harsh mechanical and electrical environments. Industry leading mechanical and electrical design. high efficiency.

     Cat EMCP Control Panel

         EMCP The controller has the reliability and durability you expect from a Cat device. The EMCP4 is a scalable control platform that ensures reliable operation of the generator set and provides comprehensive information on unit operation. Highly integrated voltage regulation (IVR). One-body control system and communication interface. Multi-language options. The EMCP4 system can be further customized to meet your needs with a variety of programming and expansion modules.

     Global Product Support

         Cat dealers offer a wide range of after-sales support, including maintenance and repair agreements. Cat dealers have more than 1,800 dealer locations in 200 countries. Caterpillar S.O*S regular oil sample analysis provides an economical way to detect the internal components of the engine and even detect harmful oils and combustion by-products.

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